Messages from the Great Sachem

We Have A Problem


Do you remember when you were young and something was wrong? You would always run to mama and say “Mama, I have a problem”.  Then as we got older there always seemed to be a problem.  It could with a friend, girlfriend, car or one of my problems was always being short money.  But mama always reassured use that everything is going to be alright let’s just talk about it and we will fix the problem. 

One of the movies I remember the best was Apollo 13 when actor Tom Hanks said “Houston I think we have a problem”.  Even then a group of scientist, engineers and astronauts got together and solved the problem to bring Apollo 13 home safely.

Well as Red Men we have a problem.  One that has been haunting us for some time.  You may say what is he talking about but it’s evident Membership is a problem.  It’s not only a problem just with Red Men but all civic clubs and non-profit organizations in America.  So, do we sit here and let it continue, do we talk about it as mama use to say or do we give it our best and tackle it head on. 

I’m sure we need to discuss this problem and in our local tribe we have.  We’ve discussed what we need to provide to get that younger person to join.  To get that member involved if only for a few hours or can we be happy if they just want to come and fellowship at meetings.

The excuse we hear so many times is I’m busy.  Most are very busy with their kids, grand kids, jobs, church and a million other activities.  But if we can only get that person for a couple of hours one month, or just for dinner and a short meeting.  Then I think we will solve our problem.  Now I know you are thinking how can just having someone come to dinner make them join.  The answer – they see us at our best.  They hear and see the great things we are doing in our communities, the difference we are making at Christmas to those less fortunate than us, the impact of our donation to assist in the cure of Alzheimer’s and most importantly the friendships offered by our fellow members.

You see – we have a problem. It’s not a problem that can’t be solved.  It is one that we need to tackle and accept.  It is a problem that as mama said can be fixed. 

Famous jazz musician Duke Ellington once was quoted as saying “A problem is a chance to do your best”.  Let’s all work hard to do our best.  Let’s tackle this problem head on.  Invite a friend to a meeting, to dinner or to a project.  Let them see us at our best and I think we can say – Problem Solved!


Yours In,

Freedom, Friendship & Charity


Sellers Dickerson, Great Sachem

North Carolina

Improved Order of Red Men