Great Chief Spotlight

Billy Poythress

Great Chief of Records – Tawpaco Tribe 15 Rocky Mount, NC

How long you’ve been a member?

I joined the Red Men December 20, 1985

Who asked you to join red men?

Signed up by Johnny Poythress and Cecil Teams.


Hobbies rc airplanes and tinkering on old cars

Family members:   

Family members, wife Diane, children Heather and Jessica

Favorite television show: 

Street Outlaws

Favorite movie:

Shawshank redemption

Favorite sports team or player? 

 Dallas Cowboys

Something about yourself most people don’t know? 

I put other people before myself.

Location you like to visit?  



CNC Machinist

What is the one thing your wife says worries her the most about you? 

No Answer

List two of your Pet Peeves: 

Late people and people that are unorganized

Anything else you’d like to say about yourself: 

No Answer